Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday Bash Sale

Well i decided for fun i would do a birthday bash sale since my birthday along with a lot of other friends i know are this month so....
From today Friday the 13th till next Friday the 20th- 10% off all orders and Free shipping on orders of $50 or more on all orders both in the US and international. Refunds will be sent via paypal and email me if you have any questions! Happy shopping and stock up now while on sale.

Purrrfect Kitty Halloween is in a blog

Yesterday i got a lovely email from Karen of Mysticwynd letting me know she blogged about my Kitty Halloween set after it was nominated by Jen of Aubepine which was exciting news. I was so happy first of all to be nominated and then to be choosen.
Thanks to Jen of Aubepine- she has a very lovely jewelry shop and is so sweet to talk to on the forums. Check out her shop for some really nice pieces
Also thank you Karen of Mysticwynd- you can find her lovely shop here
Here is the blog post too

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How does your garden grow?

One of the first things i decided to do when we moved into our new house was i wanted tp build my own garden- i grew up in a home where my mom always had gardens going and loved it as a kid. Plus what a great learning experience for the Adam and Megan to see how vegetables that we eat are grown. It is still a work in progress- i have a lot more seed i would like to plant and want to remove all the weeds so i can add mulch or bark around the beds but we did get a few tomoatoe plants, some bell peppers, a couple of cantelope plants and a pumpkin plant growing. The kids love going out there everyday to see if any of our veggies are riped and ready to pick.

Right now we are on cantelope watch as we have a few small ones just starting to grow and everyday they go out there to see how big it got. That one in the picture is almost triple that size and that was taken about 4 days ago. So it will be fun to watch. I would love to see or here about your garden- what tricks have you learned or what do you like to grow? My dream is to grown a lot of fresh fruit and veggies for my family- teaches them while being healthy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lost track of time

I lost track of time again today- it always seems like there is more to do than hours in the day. I was planning on doing a fun thrifty thursday post but had nothing prepared. I can give you some very early info on a sale coming up soon- Etsy's Christmas in July sale. I will give more details later but i do know the sale will run from July 15th and not sure the end date. There will be a variety of shops with some great sales which makes this the perfect time to stock up early.

I will be joining the sale- more details to come later and i will also be previewing some of my fall and holiday items in the coming weeks.

Everyone have a good night- catch me tomorrow for my fabulous friday finds!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wenesday- Baby Gifts

All these adorable baby girl gifts can be found in my little shop. Next week i will find more baby gifts from other shops.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still So Many Questions and Not Many Answers

Do you ever just have so many questions and so much information that you still feel like you have no answers? That is how i feel some days especially with my etsy shop! There is so much helpful information out there on how to advertise, how to photograph your product, how to tag your items and so on but it leaves me feeling like i am swimming in information with no idea on how to really apply it. I see these shops that are just selling everyday and wonder what their secret is because they must be doing something right. Don't get me wrong- i am glad to see shops succeeding and yes i am a little jealous because they have figured it out. These shops have found their customer base and know how to keep the customers coming back for more of their product. To me that is the end result of what a lot of sellers are looking for or at least that is what i would like to happen.

Then there is the ultimate question- what do customers really want? That is the cosmic question! :o)

***Shop notes- i have been a little MIA due to moving but will be spending the next week revamping the shop with new items and pictures so be sure to check it out.***

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mimi's Saturday Holiday Picks

I thought it would be fun to show off some great holiday gifts or cards that are sure to be hits this year. These are items from some faboulous etsy sellers:

Look at these great Holiday Tags for wine bottles from Madebyjackie- Each wine bottle tag is designed and printed by me on either white or kraft colored card stock. They are specially die cut out, and scored so they fold nicely over the bottle. At the bottom of each tag, I will place your name or choice of personalized message. These tags measure about 2.75 x 7 inches in size and you will receive 4 tags...

This adorable pin cushion is a must have for anyone who loves to sew as much as me- not only is it cute to look at but very handy for those needles that i always seem to lose. This little pins cushion is from Guth Designs- The pincushion has the look of a flower with 8 petals that surround the center of the flower.This is a very generous pincushion as it measures 6.5" across and 3" tall.

And my last pick for today had to be something primative and vinatge as i just love all of that. This adorable pink stocking is from Prairie Primatives- This Primitive Christmas Stocking is made from antique and vintage textiles -- the only thing that isn't antique or vintage is the sewing thread! I've used antique quilt for the front of the stocking, vintage feed sack for the back of the stocking, antique fabric for the binding, antique hand crocheted lace trim accented with vintage mother of pearl buttons, and vintage rick rack for the hanger loop. The quilt piece used in this stocking is from an authentic, much-loved, handmade American quilt; there is some "wear" to the quilt but it's in very good condition for being close to 100 years old! This stocking is 20" long and 4.5" wide at the top.
Also be sure to check these shops all out this weekend as they are having some great sales too. Happy Saturday!