Friday, August 13, 2010

Purrrfect Kitty Halloween is in a blog

Yesterday i got a lovely email from Karen of Mysticwynd letting me know she blogged about my Kitty Halloween set after it was nominated by Jen of Aubepine which was exciting news. I was so happy first of all to be nominated and then to be choosen.
Thanks to Jen of Aubepine- she has a very lovely jewelry shop and is so sweet to talk to on the forums. Check out her shop for some really nice pieces
Also thank you Karen of Mysticwynd- you can find her lovely shop here
Here is the blog post too


  1. Congrats Tiff! And you are most welcome... I love your stuff! This skirt and top set is super cute :).

  2. Very cute set...congrats! I just found your blog--new follower :)