Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still So Many Questions and Not Many Answers

Do you ever just have so many questions and so much information that you still feel like you have no answers? That is how i feel some days especially with my etsy shop! There is so much helpful information out there on how to advertise, how to photograph your product, how to tag your items and so on but it leaves me feeling like i am swimming in information with no idea on how to really apply it. I see these shops that are just selling everyday and wonder what their secret is because they must be doing something right. Don't get me wrong- i am glad to see shops succeeding and yes i am a little jealous because they have figured it out. These shops have found their customer base and know how to keep the customers coming back for more of their product. To me that is the end result of what a lot of sellers are looking for or at least that is what i would like to happen.

Then there is the ultimate question- what do customers really want? That is the cosmic question! :o)

***Shop notes- i have been a little MIA due to moving but will be spending the next week revamping the shop with new items and pictures so be sure to check it out.***


  1. I so agree with you! I just now started putting my shop up. Will upload an item a day and hope that it will help with hits.

    I absolutely love your little dresses - they are so much in my line of thinking. And you use POLKA DOTS - by far my favorite! :D

    It is hard to advertise - the cheap ones are usually so clustered that they don't give any business, and then the expensive ones are stuff that you cannot even imagine taking part of. I think I am starting to believe that being seen in person is the best way to go. You know how some people do 'house parties' like Mary Kay or similar - maybe it would work for kids stuff too?? Have a group of mommies sit down and get to touch and feel your stuff while hearing your story behind why and how you created it. And if they buy then and there you can give them a small discount. Use the 'sense of urgency' term. I don't know - I am just throwing ideas out. I also love the way you hang your clothes up! I always feel that I should have a model wearing my clothes - but I know one baby boy so I am in no luck for my dresses to come. I need to find a way that is me if I don't have a model - but I don't know what yet.

    Have you tried craft fairs and shows? I am still thinking if I should or not - but it require a lot in stock and I don't know if I am ready to put more money into it without knowing if I will ever get it back - if you know what I mean.

    I wish you the best, I will add your blog to my list and check in every now and then. Hopefully we can both inspire each other to succeed!

    Best of luck to you.
    ~Helena & Candie Ink

  2. Helena- thanks and good luck to you to also. As you can tell i am still working on not only my shop but keeping up with my blog and other stuff. I am just so not sure how to schedule my time yet.

    I have heard of others doing trunk shows- you take a variety of your items(samples) and they can order from you right there. I think it would be fun- i would love to do some myself to see if it is any worth the time. You can offer like a little show discount and then if they come to your shop offer free shipping.

    Shows have been hit and miss for me- i have done well at a few shows that happen to be like the first show and then other times i have made my booth fee back or close. I probably wont do any more shows due to the schedule and my husbands schedule plus it is a lot of work getting a bunch of different sizes and variety.

    Good luck to you- i would love to see your shop and yes we should check in on each other often. I am planning to blog more- working on my schedule finally.