Sunday, August 8, 2010

How does your garden grow?

One of the first things i decided to do when we moved into our new house was i wanted tp build my own garden- i grew up in a home where my mom always had gardens going and loved it as a kid. Plus what a great learning experience for the Adam and Megan to see how vegetables that we eat are grown. It is still a work in progress- i have a lot more seed i would like to plant and want to remove all the weeds so i can add mulch or bark around the beds but we did get a few tomoatoe plants, some bell peppers, a couple of cantelope plants and a pumpkin plant growing. The kids love going out there everyday to see if any of our veggies are riped and ready to pick.

Right now we are on cantelope watch as we have a few small ones just starting to grow and everyday they go out there to see how big it got. That one in the picture is almost triple that size and that was taken about 4 days ago. So it will be fun to watch. I would love to see or here about your garden- what tricks have you learned or what do you like to grow? My dream is to grown a lot of fresh fruit and veggies for my family- teaches them while being healthy.


  1. Your little melon is so cute! I love home grown tomatoes. Yum!

  2. Fabulous garden! I am jealous.... I don't have a garden but my friend Angelica does, and I am a recipient of her generosity with her abundant crops.

    I do have a topsy turby tomato plant.... but I don't think it will be very
    prolific. Thanks for sharing and how wonderful that the kids get to learn gardening and what great way to influence them so positively!

  3. Thanks Bella and Yoli- it has been lots of fun for me and the kids.