Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Well i was one of the crazies who was out this morning at the crack of dawn trying to get those Christmas bargains. While i do try to make a lot of my Christmas presents and will be making most of them this year there were just those few toys that i knew my kids would enjoy at very low prices. To me that is what makes it worth it- seeing how excited they get over the one toy they have wanted for awhile and had to wait for Christmas to get it.

So i did it- i got up and out the door before 5am to get to WalMart when they opened. Can i just say it was crazy- WOW! Plus really if you are going to go shopping on one of the busiest shopping days of the season (an estimated 74 million shopppers today) you would think people would be more patience. I didnt have any issues with people which is why i dont mind shopping on today but some people that i did see were cranky and others just plain pushy. There are also some really nice people- one lady was nice enough to give me a pair of Pj's for Megan since the store was out and she had extras. Megan will be excited since they are her favorites- SpongeBob Squarepants and they were the right size too- so i got lucky there. Another couple of ladies i met in line- were kind enough to hold my place in line while i ran to get a doll that was on sale. Those are the kind of people that are fun to shop with and meet at the store. To those people i say thank you- it was fun shopping with you today!

Who else braved the cold and crowds for good deals??

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